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Kiritimati (Christmas Island) on the eastern boundary of Kiribati, presents a different Kiribati to Tarawa and the Gilberts Islands. 

Although theculture and traditions are strong, it is the natural environment, particularly the marine environment that is the attraction. Kiritimati is emerging as a destination for nature-based tourism, with visitors attracted by the remote, unspoilt environment.

Internationally renowned as a destination for bonefishing, Kiritimati presents fishermen with endless white flats and crystal clear waters, teeming with astounding numbers of fish which lead many fishermen to return year on year to Kiritimati. Additionally, offshore fishing is also possible with Giant Trevally, yellow fin tuna, wahoo and sailfish and many others being found in the Kiritimati waters.

If fishing isn't your thing or you just want a change, then scuba diving or snorkelling the Kiritimati waters can reveal a magical underwater kingdom of coral and colourful fish of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately the standards of equipment and qualifications of the few dive operators on Kiritimati has not yet been ascertained. Diving can be arranged but it is entirely at your own risk.

Bird watchers are overwhelmed by the thousands of migratory seabirds found nesting throughout the islands protected areas; birds everywhere, close enough to touch, making bird watching on Kiritimati an unforgettable experience.

Increasingly surfers are discovering the waters of Kiritimati, with reliable uncrowded surf breaks off the island. Additionally, Fanning Island, another island in the Line Group is popular for surfers but is limited by its relative inaccessibility.

Kiritimati offers a more active adventure in Kiribati, in a unique, remote setting.

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