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Scattered around the huge expanse of the Pacific Ocean, the islands of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia, provide an abundance of opportunities for travellers.

A world apart from the trappings of the modern world, many islands are largely unspoilt, unaffected by mass tourism and preserve their traditional lifestyle, character and culture.

Each island nation retains its own unique appeal. From different cultural groups to varied habitat; traditional dance and music to the underwater world - the diversity is amazing! Travel to the Pacific to experience coral atolls fringed by turquoise waters, rugged volcanic mountains peeking from clouds, rainforest clinging to hillsides or secluded sun drenched beaches.

Whether you like to be active or simply take in the atmosphere there is something for everyone. Opportunities for watersports are endless; fishing, whalewatching, snorkelling the shallows, diving wrecks and reef, whitewater rafting, canoeing the lagoons; - it's all possible in the Pacific.

But if you want a break away from the waters, opportunities abound to explore the inland natural wonders. Nature tours show close up the diversity of the flora and fauna, from unique indigenous plants to rare creatures, from colourful birds to crested iguanas. The islands are rich in natural delights.

Add to this the cultural traditions of dance and music, the genuine warmth of islander hospitality and the relaxed lifestyle and any visit to the Pacific islands will leave you wanting to return for more ...

Cook Islands ... Federated States of Micronesia ... Fiji ... French Polynesia ... Kiribati ... Marshall Islands ... Nauru ... New Caledonia ... Niue ... Papua New Guinea ... Samoa ... Solomon Islands ... Tahiti ... Tokelau ...Tonga ... Tuvalu ... Vanuatu ...

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